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Long time no see. I randomly got into a website with lots of info and pictures on deep-sea fishes (later post) and also saw some animals related to pokemon. Ripping some stuff from there and other sources, I added some pictures and created the most complete "real pokemon catalog".
I may update this post including some info regarding the animals.

Caterpie - Papilio Troilus (larvae)

Kakuna - Mechanitis (chrysalis)

Beedrill - Vespa Mandarina

Raticate - Nutria


Growlithe & Arcanine - Liger

Vileplume - Rafflesia Arnoldi


Paras & Parasect - Cicadas & Parasitic Fungi

Victreebel - Nepenthes

Psyduck - Platypus

Farfetch'd - Buff Duck

Poliwag Family - Blue Poison Dart Frog


Pinsir - Kuwagata-mushi

Scyther & Scizor - Mantises

Gyarados - Violet Goby

Kabuto - Horseshoe Crab


Kabutops - Bathynomus giganteus

Omanyte & Omastar - Ammonite


Mudkip Family - Mudskippers

Treecko family - Leaf-tailed Geckos

Taillow and Swellow - Barn Swallow

Heracross - Kabuto-mushi 

Nincada, Ninjask & Shedinja - Cicadas

Trapinch, Vibrava and Flygon - Antlions

Huntail - Deep sea Gulper Eel
Gorebyss - Long-nosed Chimaera

Anorith and Armaldo - Anomalocaris

Lileep and Cradily - Crinoids or "Sea lilies"

Pineco  - Pine


Burmy family   - Bagworm Moths


 Relicanth - Coelacanth


Kricketune - The Violin Beetle

Phione & Manaphy - Clione or "Sea Butterflies"


Mewtwo - Secret Nazi Experiment


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