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Hello there. I receive a lot of emails from readers asking things around. Sometimes I see people commenting on posts and then deleting their comments afterwards (I receive instant notifications when someone posts a comment). Remember, you are free to comment here. This is a place where everyone can speak their minds.
So I decided to write this little FAQaSAI (Frequently Asked Questions and Some Additional Information) to clear some things up.
To prevent further trouble, I won't cite any names of readers.

1. Is Jamatei your real name?
Yes, it is. But, let's say the surname is my "stage name" addition.

2. What does it mean?
Well, if you don't speak Portuguese you won't get it. Jamatei O. Poeta can both mean "I've already killed the poet" and "Jamatei, the poet".

3. What does the "O." stand for?
It stands for "Oh, boy. You should mind your own business".

4. Why are you so skeptical?
Because the would is mischievous.

5. Do you hate the USA?

6. Then why do you seem to post against them?
I'm against the imperialism. Makes no difference to me if it is about the USA or any other country.

7. Do you believe in conspiracy theories?
Depends on the theory. Much stuff like Illuminati sound like crap. People who are really into that stuff tend to believe any creepy story they read on the internet so they mix some truth with a lot of bullshit and come up with their theory.

8. Do you believe in UFO?
Yes, anything that flies and has not yet been indentified is an UFO. If you are talking about aliens that come to Earth on worm-hole-creating-spaceships just to steal organs, no. Besides, humans are all infected with drugs and junky food. Not to mention the lack of brain. There would be nothing to be studied if superior species were to drop by.

9. Do you hate humans?
I'm disappointed at our society. But I won't say anything like "on the good old times, people were like this or that". Every generation has its flaws. Human society has been messed up since its first days of existence.

10. What's your position on the death penalty?
Even though I think some people should be wiped out of the face of the Earth, I'm pro life. The root of all evil in our society lies on more than sparse cases of burglary and rape. The idea is not to kill someone, but killing whatever led that someone to what he is now.

11. For someone who owns a farm and slaughters animals, isn't it a little hypocritical to be "pro life"?
I kill for necessity. I don't sell meat. I sell five kinds of seeds, three types of fruits and a lot of eggs.
The human being is omnivorous and that's it. Cows may have two stomaches to digest cellulose, but I have not.

12. Why is it you think you are always right and the rest of the world is just stupid?
I'm not always right. I may aswell be very wrong all the time. Who knows? Maybe everyone is right.... but that doesn't mean they are not stupid. My goal is to teach people to reason. To think for themselves and get to their own conclusions. Being right and having absolutely no idea why is the same as nothing.

13. What exactly do you do for living?
I'm a professor at a certain university in a certain city of a certain country.

14. What is you religion?

15. What is your political view?

16. What do you hate the most?
Misinformation. Specially, the mainstream media.

17. Isn't that a little cliché?
I won't hate it less just because other people hate it too. I could stop hating it if enough people also hated it to the point it ceased existing.

18. What do you like the most?
Learning. Specially when I'm proved wrong.
One can read, one can think, one can say; It's just when one is proved wrong, one will see, one will reason, one will argue.
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